What we do?

Your network and data need protection. We’ve got you covered.

Do These Cybersecurity Challenges Sound Familiar?

It’s Complex

It’s tough to understand exactly what’s happening across your network, even when you invest a lot of time and effort. We can give you a clear view of your entire security posture in a user-friendly portal. It’s a straightforward view of everything you need.

It’s Costly

Setting up your own Security Operations Centre (SOC) and keeping it and your team up to date is expensive. If you operate in several locations, your costs skyrocket. We’ve already scaled to locations around the world, and invested in our SOC so you don’t have to.

There’s a new, WFH reality

Traditionally, IT security companies protected you on one, maybe two networks. No more. With staff working from home, most companies use multiple networks. We’ll protect any corporate-owned device, wherever it is.

Threats are unpredictable

Security threats shift quickly, but It takes time to learn from them and prepare for the next one. That’s why deep experience in this sector matters. It’s the difference between recognizing a threat and letting it slip by. We have the experience you need.

We Designed a Solution Just For You

The best sports teams have defensive and offensive lines. That’s what you need if you want to operate safely in today’s online world. Our system protects you from breaches, detects rare threats that penetrate your system, and contains them quickly.

Defensive Security

This is our prevention, detection, and response branch. As a managed security operations centre (SOC), we provide these critical security services:

This is antivirus software on steroids. We use machine learning to detect and intelligently prioritize malicious activity so our analysts spend time investigating the right threats.

We compare logs from hosts, servers, and network systems against the latest threat intelligence. Threats are analyzed and prioritized before we move to next steps.

Our service includes the comprehensive discovery of every asset on your network. It’s essential that we understand the attack vectors that already exist in your network.

Our system understands what constitutes normal behaviour in a host. When it knows how a host or device is supposed to behave, it can identify strange behaviour.

We’ll analyze your Office 365 logs to identify administrative changes, rule changes, and other uncommon behaviours that warrant attention.

We’ll look for intrusions into servers and workstations and hacker footholds that already exist, and contain these threats before building further defenses.

This is cloud-delivered security when and how you need it. It’s multiple security functions in one solution, so you can protect devices, remote users, and distributed locations.


Offensive Security

Some people call this ‘ethical hacking’. Our team tries to break into your system to test its defenses and pinpoint weak spots before real hackers find them. We keep a firewall between our offensive and defensive teams. If one hand knows what the other is doing, ethical hacking isn’t as effective. The point is to simulate real-world threats.

Why do we try to hack your system instead of simply waiting for security alerts?

We conduct penetration testing in five areas to see how far into your system we can get:


Vulnerability Assessments


Web Application Penetration Testing


Internal Network Penetration Testing


External Network Penetration Testing


Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) Investigation

Your organization will receive one free ‘test and reset’ in each area during your first year with Cyberscopic.

Our Services Include

Monitoring Service

24/7 round the clock monitoring services.

In-House Operations

We don’t rely on third parties.

Around-the-sun coverage

Offices in Canada, Portugal, Brazil, and Malaysia.

Multi Language

Service in English or Portuguese.

Tests and Retests

Five free ‘tests and retests’ from our offense team in your first year.